Utrecht & Hilversum

Apartments and studios.

Our spacious, fully equipped apartments and studios are furnished in such a way that you feel completely at home in Utrecht and Hilversum, whether you are going for a weekend or staying in the city for a longer period of time.

Apartments & studios

Long & short stay.

Finding a beautiful and suitable home is often quite a challenge, especially in a nice and popular area of Utrecht and Hilversum. Are you looking for a temporary stay because you work abroad as an expat? Are you looking for temporary housing for your employees or are you looking for a nice home for yourself? One thing is certain, with 24/7 service we offer 'a home away from home'.

Our range of apartments and studios can be called diverse due to the locations, facilities and comfort. The centrally located locations in Utrecht are popular because of the complete range. Hilversum really offers a 'way of life' with a gym, food market, unique common areas and rental of electric shared cars.

Utrecht City Apartments.

More than 100+ spacious and tastefully furnished apartments in the bustling center of Utrecht.
A stay in Utrecht should not only be functional, but also unique and surprising. That is why we select our locations with care and furnish each one with taste. All our locations have their own unique design.

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Hilversum H-park.

Suitable for both short stay and permanent residence, 69 apartments and studios near the center of Hilversum.
The buildings and grounds of H-Park have a long history. Originally these were the factories of Nivea manufacturer Beiersdorf. After it moved in the early 1980s, the building was occupied by the NOS and later by the Hogeschool van de Kunsten. At the time of the NOS, the Omroepmuseum was located in the complex.

The apartments and studios are tastefully decorated. It's also about more than just living here, the many facilities such as a gym, food market, electric shared cars and the dynamic location give a real community feeling.

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