Utrecht City Concepts.

Two passionate catering professionals, Paul Westra and Hans Pieters - Utrechters in heart and soul - grant their guests the ultimate experience of the great city of Utrecht. Utrecht City Concepts is a quality key to unique concepts. You can expect quality and inspiration from us.

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Historic buildings, traditional Utrecht locations.

Our buildings are located in the heart of Utrecht and Hilversum. Together they offer a unique experience, which ensures that you feel completely at home in Utrecht, whether you are staying for a weekend or staying in the city for a longer period of time.


"Involved entrepreneurship is in all the things we do."


Unique concepts, special experience.

A unique total concept, where you are fully equipped. Whether you visit Utrecht for work or pleasure, we help you to completely adapt your stay to your wishes. Our team is ready for you!

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Our story


By sustainable entrepreneurship we mean from building, process to result! Our locations are carefully chosen. We first delve into the story in which our buildings have played an important role for many years. This story is the cradle for the roll-out of our concepts that are given a contemporary and sustainable touch.

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Choose Utrecht City Concepts.

Do you also want to surprise our guests every day with a real Utrecht experience? Enjoy the UCC Family!
Each concept is the 'key to Utrecht' and has its own story and experience in a small-scale and personal way. We offer guests a home far away from home with a homely atmosphere and pure hospitality. Due to unique concepts, we also have a suitable place for every guest and employee.