Utrecht City Apartments

Housekeeping employee

Utrecht April 20th 2022 Housekeeping


As a housekeeping employee you are responsible for our most beautiful product: the rooms and apartments! You ensure that the apartments and guest areas of our apartments form an inspiring, fresh and surprising home base for the guests of Utrecht City Apartments and The Hunfeld. The main duties and responsibilities are:

  • Preparing apartments for stay by: making beds, changing bed linen, vacuuming/mopping, cleaning kitchens and disinfecting bathrooms and toilets according to a cleaning list;
  • Cleaning and caring for common areas;
  • Assist in the furnishing of rooms;
  • Carrying out hand and tension services for the benefit of the department and/or colleagues.


We are looking for enthusiastic colleagues who can be deployed flexibly. Do you also want to be part of our team? Then you probably recognize yourself in this:

  • A hospitable colleague who does everything to make our guests happy, but also to help his/her colleagues;
  • A colleague with an eye for detail: you like to work thoroughly and carefully for an optimal result and check your own work;
  • A real go-getter: you feel like it and you enjoy working with dedication!
  • A colleague who is also available on weekends;
  • Do you want to work more during the holiday period? That's possible with us!


More important than what we want is what we can offer you. If you are happy with us, you automatically contribute to making our guests happy. That's why we offer you:

  • Because we offer good working conditions in accordance with the catering collective labor agreement, but also dare to make exceptions! With us, everyone receives a 50% surcharge when working on a public holiday (even if you are not a skilled worker!);
  • The function is easy to combine with other activities - no 9 to 5 rhythm;
  • Would you like to work more during holiday periods? No problem!;
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